Apr 7, 2024
Rongxin Ouyang


PhD student in Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore, 2023-2027 (expected)
Societal and political implications of technologies; computational and causal approaches. GPA: 4.0/4.0
MA in Communication, minor in Finance, Peking University, 2018-21
Dissertation: “Ascribed Inequality and the ‘Disadvantaged Chance’ in Online Social Capital: The Case of GitHub in China” Committee: Changjiang Yu (chair), Shubin Yu , Jing Meng Advisor: Weiming Ye, AP; interested in platform labor, ICTs & society GPA: 3.4/4.0
BA in Journalism, studied Law, China University of Political Science and Law, 2014-18
Advisor: Kai Cui, AP; interested in methodology, social impacts of media GPA: 4.4/6.5


Working Papers

Ouyang, R., Yu, J., Cui, K., Ye, W. & Mukerjee, S. (2024). Decreased Innovations by Censorship.
Ouyang, R., Mukerjee, S. & Yang, T. (2023). Metrics in Action: How Social Media Metrics Shape News Production on Twitter.
Ouyang, R. & Ye, W. (2023). Ascribed Inequality and the “Disadvantaged Chance” in Online Social Capital: The Case of GitHub in China.

Peer-reviewed Journals

Ouyang, R. (2024). Laine Nooney, The Apple II Age: How the Computer Became Personal. International Journal of Communication18, 3. (SJR-Q1)
Ye, W. & Ouyang, R. (2020). Restructuring Time and Space: Research on Algorithm Mediated Online Labor. Zhejiang Academic Journal, 2, 167-176. (CSSCI)
- Reprinted (2020) by Theoretical Economics of Replicated Journals of Renmin University of China (CSSCI-equivalent) - Awarded (2020) Qihao Academic Research Awards (national)

Conference Presentations

Ouyang, R., Jaidka, K., Mukerjee, S. (2024). Visual Narratives in the Digital Age: Enhancing Online Content Analysis Through Automatic Image Captioning. the Annual Conference of the International Communication Association. Gold Coast, Australia. (session chair, top)
Zhang, T., Tong, Y., Zhan, J., Ouyang, R. (2024). Illusion of Knowing in Colorectal Cancer Prevention: From Media Attention to Efficacy Perception and Screening Intention. the Annual Conference of the International Communication Association. Gold Coast, Australia. (top)
Ouyang, R., Yu, J. (2024). Large Language Model Outperforms Human in Content Analysis: A Cross-Domain, Bilingual Experiment. the Annual Conference of the International Communication Association. Gold Coast, Australia. (top)
Ouyang, R. & Ye, W. (2020). Inequality of Online Social Capital: Evidence from GitHub in China. the Annual Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research. Beijing, China (online due to Covid, top).
Ye, W., Ouyang, R. (2019). Learning to Take Orders: Time and Space Research on Algorithm Mediated Online Labor. The Fifth Forum on Internet Anthropology. Guangzhou, China.
Ouyang, R. (2019). Decentralization? Large-scale SNA on an Open Source Community. the 2019 annual conference of China Computational Communication Research Association. Guangzhou, China.



Research Scholarship, Singapore, 2023 - Now ICA Registration Fee Waiver, Australia, 2024 NSF Conference Travel Grant, United States, 2023 Conference Travel Grant, China, 2019, 2020 Graduate Student Scholarship, China, 2018-2021 The First Prize Scholarship, China, 2017 National Scholarship, China, 2017 National Encouragement Scholarship, China, 2015, 2016


Honors Graduates, 2018, 2021 Qihao Academic Research Award, 2020 Merit Student, 2017, 2019


Invited Talks

Decreased Innovations by Censorship, 2024 School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States
Automated Content Analysis, 2023 Department of Communication and Culture, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
Practical Web Scraping, 2023 Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Journal Peer-review

New Media & Society (SJR-Q1, SSCI-Q1, IF 5.0), peer-review, 2023 / 2024

Conference Peer-review & Session Chair

The Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, session chair & peer-review, 2024 International Conference on Computational Social Science, peer-review, 2024



Workshop (organizer and speaker), Causal Inference, Online, 2023 TA, Globalization and New Media, NUS, 2024 TA, Quantitative Methods, NUS, 2023 TA, Applied Data Analytics (quantitative research methods), PKU, 2020 TA, New Media and Society, PKU, 2019


Product Designer , OPPO, 2021-22
Responsible for: game distribution, data infrastructure, and governance Led: a ML-driven recommendation system, statistical interval estimation based UI improvements, and best practice in privacy
Product Designer (Internship), Kuaishou, 2020-21
Responsible for: video editor, data-driven strategies, and a major user survey Led: video stabilization and survey implementation; supported subtitle editing


Programming: Python, R, Vue.js Computational Methods: SNA, NMF, Frex, Bert, TF-IDF, GBDT, O/PLS Software: Pandas, Polars, SPSS, SmartPLS, lavaan, ggplot2, PROCESS, netX, Gephi, sklearn, Gensim Language: English: proficient (TOEFL 104, IELTS 7, GRE 320); Chinese: native


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